Survey – II: For Zoroastrians
(Born to Zoroastrian Parent/s)

IMPORTANT! If you are a Zoroastrian who was born in a household where both parents are/were 'officially' Zoroastrians or where at least one parent mother or father – is/was 'officially' a Zoroastrian, you can click on Survey–II that studies the attitudinal patterns of Zoroastrians towards the Neo-Zoroastrians.

Welcome to an anonymous survey on the ethnographic study of Neo-Zoroastrians – Zoroastrians who were born to non-Zoroastrian parents - i.e. where both the parents — mother and father — are/were non-Zoroastrians.

This study is part of the doctoral project of Mr. Ruzbeh Hodiwala, a Ph.D. student working on his thesis, ‘The Historical Origins and Development of the Neo-Zoroastrian Movement: An Ethnographic Study of Neo-Zoroastrians’. The student is working under the supervision of Dr. Almut Hintze, Zartoshty Brothers Professor of Zoroastrianism, and Dr. Nima Mina, Senior Lecturer in Persian and Iranian Studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London.

The survey aims,

A). To study the demographics, socio-cultural and religious practices, ethnocultural identity, and migratory patterns of Neo - Zoroastrians; and,


B). To analyse the interaction between Neo-Zoroastrians and those Zoroastrians who were born into a Zoroastrian family – where both parents or at least one parent - mother or father - is/was a Zoroastrian.


Therefore, you can participate in this survey if,


a). You are 18 years of age and above.


b). You were born into a non-Zoroastrian family, i.e. where both parents — mother and father — are non-Zoroastrians and voluntarily chose to ordain yourself into the Zoroastrian faith by undergoing a Soodreh-Pooshi / Navjote.


c). You were born into a non-Zoroastrian family, i.e. where both parents — mother and father — are officially non-Zoroastrians but you identify yourself as a Zoroastrian 'without' having undergone a Soodreh Pooshi/Navjote. 


d). You were born in a family where your ancestors were Zoroastrians but were compelled to adopt an alternate religious identity, and therefore you have chosen to ‘revert/return’ to Zoroastrian identity by undergoing a Soodreh-Pooshi/Navjote.


e). You or your family were ‘officially’ non-Zoroastrians but ‘privately’ remained Zoroastrians.

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