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How to Participate?

The identity of the participants, regardless of the medium of participation, will be kept anonymous during the project and publication of the findings, unless the researcher has requested otherwise through a proper channel of obtaining the participant’s consent.

  • Anonymous online survey:

You can participate in an anonymous online survey by clicking here.

  • Online audio-visual/audio interview or an informal interaction:

You can schedule an online audio-visual interview or a telephone interview or an informal interaction with the researcher. You can click here and share your contact details for the researcher to get back to you. Alternatively, you can contact the researcher directly via


  • By sharing personal experiences through emails, videos, audios, and sending documents and other material to support the project:

You can click here to fill in your contact information or contact the researcher directly via if you want to share any material that you feel will be useful for the project. You can also record audio-visual messages or just audio messages, and answer the subjective questions in the questionnaire.


  • In-person interview/visit by the researcher/invite the researcher to attend family and community gatherings:

The researcher will conduct field-visits to meet, live, and interact with members of the Zoroastrian and Neo-Zoroastrian communities in the USA, Canada, parts of Europe, and Central Asia. You can contact the researcher directly via or fill in the contact form by clicking here if you would like to invite the researcher during his visit to your country of residence to provide better insights into the subject.


For further information regarding your rights as a participant, please refer to the FAQs section.

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